Skipcart Express is now offered within Shopify.

Offer customers fast and easy delivery through your Shopify store.


Skipcart is a delivery platform providing same day and on-demand delivery for a variety of industries.

Skipcart prides itself on its expansive owned and partner courier network, feature rich API and industry agnostic approach, while offering scalable and reliable outsourced delivery solutions to our partners.


Work directly with Skipcart or use our integration with Zapiet

Order Management

Our easy-to-use platform provides straightforward booking and tracking for each delivery

Delivery Communication

Prior to a Skipcart Driver picking up the order, we will send you information about the order


A Skipcart Driver will pick up and deliver the order

We’ve partnered with the best integration platform to provide the best service

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Signing up for Skipcart will offer you and your customers more delivery opportunities. When Skipcart and Zapiet work together, you can set delivery boundaries and your customers can track their orders and deliveries.

Signing up with Skipcart is completely free. If you choose to use the Zapiet plug in, there is a $29 monthly fee.

Last Mile Delivery FAQ:

No we don’t aggregate prices. We feel price aggregation is not a sustainable or fair way for last mile delivery providers to operate. Instead we prefer our merchants to build long lasting mutually beneficial relationships with their couriers.

Yes, we automatically synchronize the following statuses with Shopify; out for delivery, attempted delivery, failed delivery and cancelled delivery. Each merchant can decide whether or not to disable the synchronization. 

Store Pickup + Delivery / Zapiet FAQ:

Yes. Our full integration with the POS app means you can create, view, manage and organize your orders in-store via your outlet’s Shopify POS system. 

Yes it does. It’s compatible with Shopify’s Locations feature, and synchronizes your product inventory levels with the app. That allows you only to show customers locations where their selected products are in stock.

Yes. The app works worldwide. Wherever Shopify works, so does Store Pickup + Delivery. Currently, the app’s front end – shown to your customers – contains off the shelf translations available in English, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese to make setup as seamless as possible

Yes, you can. Any product can be set to pickup-only. You can also define what products are available at each outlet, to avoid your customers buying products that aren’t locally available. 

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