Delivery Solved.

On-demand delivery for any retailer in any market

What is Skipcart?

Skipcart is an on-demand platform providing last-mile delivery for all retailers currently offering a curbside solution but lacking same-day delivery. No matter the size of your market, our cheerful drivers will deliver your quality goods all the way to your customers door. Customers save time and you become the hero. It’s that simple! 


How Skipcart works for retailers

Your Website

Customers submit their order through the same website they know and love...YOURS

You Fulfill

Your shoppers pick the items in your store just like in your existing curbside solution.

Your API

Your API pushes the delivery data to our app and alerts drivers that orders are ready to go.

We Deliver

Our driver collects one or multiple orders to be delivered within the hour.

Ready to start delivering?

How Skipcart works for drivers

1. Apply to be a Skipmate

Skipcart is looking for energetic and cheerful individuals who love driving their reliable cars to be our delivery team. We run a thorough background to check to insure the safety of our drivers, the goods and the customers.

2. Watch our training modules

While you are waiting to be verified as a Skipmate get a jumpstart on your new career by breezing through our training programs. We will set you up for success and insure the safety of you, the goods and the customers.

3. Choose your own schedule

You are your own boss with Skipcart. Log into our app and choose the shifts that best fit your lifestyle and needs. We do require at least two hours a shift but the sky is the limit after that!

4. Get on the road!

Congrats you are a Skipcart driver! Get out there and make some cash while listening to your favorite tunes and audiobooks. Just be sure everything is on time and in perfect condition.

Want to drive for Skipcart?