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What is Skipcart?

Skipcart is an on-demand platform providing last-mile delivery for all retailers and restaurants currently offering a Curbside or Pickup solution but lacking same-day delivery. No matter the size of your market, our faithful drivers will deliver your quality goods all the way to your customer’s door. Customers save time and you become the hero. It’s that simple.

Our platform also frees individuals to choose their own schedule and make deliveries in the communities they already live in. Open the Skipcart app. Choose your hours and start delivering. Becoming your own boss just became reality. 


How Skipcart works for retailers

Your Website

Customers submit their order through the same website they know and love...YOURS

You Fulfill

Your shoppers pick the items in your store just like in your existing pickup solution.


Your team can relax knowing we use RESTful API technology to get integrated.

We Deliver

Our driver collects one or multiple orders to be delivered within the hour.

Add Delivery To Your Business