Driver Quick Start


Scroll down for a quick start guide and get on the road to earnings!

Table of Contents

Logging in for the first time

1) When first opening the app click on “I “I’m already a driver” and 2) click ALLOW notifications.

3) If you want to create your own password click the TROUBLE LOGGING IN link to reset your password.

4) Enter the email address you signed up with to 5) receive a TEXT message with a four digit code to verify your phone number. 6) Enter the digits and create your new password.

7) Then use your registered email address and new password to log in.

Get to know the Main Screen

After logging in you will see the Main Screen. 

• Clicking your picture will take you to the account screen where you will find your Banking and Profile settings as well as your Earnings Report for daily and weekly payments. 

• The Support Chat button opens a window where you can reach an agent whenever you need help or have a question. 

• The HELP button changes for whatever screen you are on and gives specific support and options whether you are looking at earnings or on a delivery. 

Get to know the Account Screen

1. The Account screen is where you will input your bank account and debit card, update your profile picture or vehicle info, and view your earnings and cashout. 

2. Clicking the down chevron will expand the card to reveal more options as well as your Earnings Report.

Zones and Hot Spots

1. Active delivery Zones are displayed on your map as Dark Gray regions. 

2. Hot Spots are GREEN DOTS in a zone that show the areas where deliveries often occur. 

3. The “P” icons on the map are orders that urgently need to be picked up.

Note: Being in a Hot Spots does not guarantee you will get a delivery but will put you in the best location to receive one. 

Accept a Delivery

1. You will receive a Notification alerting you to a new delivery in your app. Click the notification or open your Skipcart app to see the delivery offer card. You will see one or more brand names signifying how many pickup locations are in the delivery. 

On the map, the dotted line shows your route to the pickup location and the solid blue line from pickup to dropoff. 

Touch the ACCEPT button to claim the order and make the delivery.

2. Orders needing to be picked up urgently will appear on the map as “P” icons. Click on icon to see the details and accept. 

Get to know the Delivery screens

When making Pickups and Dropoff you will be interacting with the Job Card. The Job Card has all the Stop/Location information at the top and all of the Task/Order information at the bottom. 

The Task/Order portion of the Job Card can be tapped and expanded to see all the customer and order information. 

How to make deliveries

When you arrive at a pickup or dropoff location you will need to tap “I’M HERE” to inform the merchant and the customer that you are there. 

When you have completed all Task at the Stop Location tap “STOP COMPLETE” to move to the next part of your trip. 

At Dropoff, there are various forms of delivery proof you may be required to collect including signature, photo, and age verification. 

Your Earnings Report

Expand the account card and click on Earnings Report to Track daily, weekly, and monthly earnings and stay on track for your goals!