Hispanic and Latino Americans are Dominating the Gig Economy

Hispanic Heritage Month Highlights: Hispanic and Latino Americans in Gig Work

There’s no doubt that the gig economy in the United States has boomed, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic these past few years.

In fact, Pew Research Center held a survey in 2021 revealing 31% of current or recent gig workers – representing 3% of U.S. adults overall – said gig work was their main job over the past 12 months. Talk about growth!

But did you know Hispanic and Latino Americans are the top ethnical group to participate in gig jobs?

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Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic group to work gig jobs such as driving, delivering, running errands, and shopping for customers.

Hispanic adults are more likely than other racial or ethnic groups to have done gig work.

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According to Pew Research Center, 30% of Hispanics have earned money through an online gig platform compared with 20% of Black adults, 19% of Asian adults, and 12% of White adults.

Even as the age groups of these ethnic communities get younger, the percentage of Hispanic adults doing gig work consistently remains sky-high than other racial or ethnic groups. 

AXIOS states Latinos are most likely to have two or more types of gig jobs at a time, per the survey conducted in August last year.

Surprisingly, Hispanic and Latino Americans dominate delivery services: 16% of the Hispanic ethnic group work in delivery apps compared to 10% of Black adults, 7% of Asian adults, and 4% of White adults. 

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The bottom line is that the Hispanic and Latino American communities dominate the U.S. gig economy. Hispanic adults are the #1 ranking ethnic group to participate in America’s gig labor force.

Hispanic and Latino Americans also dominate Skipcart’s driver fleet! This year 43% of Skipcart’s active drivers are primarily Spanish speakers, making them the largest ethnic group to drive for Skipcart – the most used white-label delivery platform.

We recognize and appreciate the Hispanic and Latino communities who work gig jobs. Not only are Hispanic and Latino Americans the leading ethnic group in gig work, but they also make up the majority of driver fleets. Hispanic and Latino American communities are dominating delivery services! 

About Skipcart

As one of the largest on-demand delivery companies in the United States, Skipcart connects retailers, grocers, and restaurants with its local driver network, giving the option to offer their customers delivery in as little as 30 minutes.

Today, Skipcart completes deliveries across the country through a network of crowd-sourced drivers. Skipcart continues to bring hyperlocal delivery to businesses across the US.

Skipcart is a privately owned company founded in 2018 in San Antonio, TX, and is currently operating throughout the United States with a fleet size of approximately 150,000 drivers. More information about Skipcart can be found at skipcart.com

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