August 2022 App Updates

Check out the latest updates about the Skipcart app

Multiple Pick-Up Orders

Drivers earn more with a single click by accepting deliveries with multiple orders from multiple pick-up locations!

  • More than one brand name may appear on a driver’s delivery offer
  • On these trips, drivers will be routed to more than one pick-up and drop-off location
  • If an order becomes available on a driver’s current route, they could be sent an offer to add it to their trip

In-App Navigation

The Skipcart app now offers turn-by-turn navigation, giving drivers the fastest guidance to every stop on their delivery.

Using the power of Google, the app generates routes to help drivers avoid traffic and hazards, ensuring their Road to Earnings is as safe and smooth as possible. It’s easy to use, and users still have access to features in the Skipcart app!

If Skipcart Drivers have questions about the new navigation feature, they can check out our support page.

About Skipcart

As one of the largest on-demand delivery companies in the United States, Skipcart connects retailers, grocers, and restaurants with its local driver network, giving the option to offer their customers delivery in as little as 30 minutes.

Today, Skipcart completes deliveries across the country through a network of crowd-sourced drivers. Skipcart continues to bring hyperlocal delivery to businesses across the US.

Skipcart is a privately owned company founded in 2018 in San Antonio, TX, and is currently operating throughout the United States with a fleet size of approximately 150,000 drivers. More information about Skipcart can be found at

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